First Drone Watch Waddington 123

The first Drone Watch Waddington of 2014 took place on the 21st January between 1pm and 3pm outside the RAF base near Lincoln. 13 protestors stood in a biting wind with placards and banners and received lots of supportive honks from passing traffic. Even more encouraging were the cheers from young people in Kabul as we skyped with the Afghan Peace Volunteers . They told us they are planning weekly vigils for peace in Afghanistan , going to different parts of the city each week. How much easier it is for us to demonstrate outside the base where the armed Reaper drone is being controlled as it flies over Afghanistan dropping bombs and missiles on Afghan people. Raz Mohammad, whose brother-in-law and 4 friends were killed in a drone attack was one of those talking to us from Kabul. While the signals and satellites from the RAF base were sending messages of death we were talking love and friendship with the same place. The base have held two big PR days for the media recently, concerned that the public have a poor opinion of drones. It was good to be there challenging their cosy image that drones save lives.

We will be there every month throughout 2014. Come and join us. February is also likely to be very cold so wrap up warm and bring some songs – singing will help. In March we will also be flying kites as it is the Afghan New Year.


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