Fly Kites Not Drones a great success

The week-end of Now Roz – March 21st – 23rd saw over 30 groups across the UK flying kites in solidarity with people in Afghanistan. At RAF Waddington on the Persian New Year itself – Friday 21st  – over 60 people from all over the country not only flew kites but also talked to the young peace volunteers in Kabul through skype.  Many people tied messages onto the fence written on mini kites.

Maya from Voices for Creative Non Violence has put together a short video with some of those events.

The idea of ‘fly kites not drones’ has  attracted so much interest in the issue of drones and the need for a world where children can fly kites and play safely that it will be a message  which carries on throughout the year.

Child Victims of War, supported by Voices for Creative Non Violence, have produced some excellent post cards which you can order from the website They call on MPs for transparency and a moratorium on their use.

Another campaigning tool is a Fly Kites Not Drones tee shirt which you can order from here. They are black with gold lettering in this design – and look great.  They come in small, medium, large, xl and xxl and cost £10 plus £2 p and p.  To order contact Penny on



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