Military Drones Heard in West Midlands

On Tuesday 10th February there was a demonstration outside the Elbit factory in Shenstone. Professor John Hull describes what happened:-

The sound that frightens children in Gaza was heard this afternoon in Shenstone near Lichfield. More than 50 academics, clergy, members of religious orders, and people training for ordination in the Queen’s Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education in Birmingham gathered for an act of public worship against the UAV Engine factory in Shenstone. This is a factory owned by an Israeli arms company making parts of engines for drones which are heard over the Gaza Strip. A recording of the sound of drones over Gaza was broadcast towards the factory.

The Revd Warren Bardsley said, ‘When you hear the continual buzzing of drones in the sky, you don’t know if they will attack you or just watch you. We in Britain are acting like terrorists while we believe we are defending ourselves against them!’

After readings from the Bible and the Qur’an the worshippers dedicated themselves to peace and shouted out ‘Stop the drones!’ and ‘Drones kill’. Most of the protestors were men and women training for ordained ministry in the Church of England and the Methodist Church. Bishop Edward Musonda from the Anglican Church in Zambia said, ‘It is a pleasure to take part in this act of Christian witness against this savage military weaponry.’

Group photo.Photo Mike Cross.10 Feb 2015

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