Drone Against Drones street protest: multimedia available

June the 4th saw the second Drone Against Drones street protest in Hastings, aimed at highlighting the menace of unmanned aerial vehicles, which have been the cause of increasing numbers of civilian deaths in recent years. The 4th June protest featured local people marching from the Pier to the Old Town in Hastings while ‘droning’ on musical instruments. As the procession moved down George Street people filmed it on their phones and some even applauded!

Drone against Drones 004 - Copy

Drone Against Drones is the idea of musician and campaigner Rob Hill, who commented ‘It was great to see more people at the second Drone Against Drones and now we’re looking forward to the National Drones Week of Action in October.’ The march ended at the Royal Standard pub with music and speeches. Local activist Maya Evans spoke, having just returned from Afghanistan. She described an incident in which, due to faulty intelligence, a group of civilians were hit in a drone strike launched thousands of miles away in the Nevada Desert.

Watch Maya Evans’s speak at Drone Against Drones here

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