Petition: Stop British Drone Targeted Killings

The Drone Campaign Network is appalled by the British government using its armed drones to undertake the targeted killing of British citizen Reyaad Khan in Syria.  Many legal scholars and international law experts are arguing that this targeted killing goes beyond what the US is doing in Pakistan and elsewhere and that the scant legal argument put forward so far by the UK government raises many questions. See some of the discussion here:

The Drone Campaign Network shall be working with other peace and human rights groups to challenge the use of drones in this way. We have launched a petition calling on the government to stop using drones to carry out targeted killings and to explain publicly what it sees is the legal basis for such killing.

You can sign the petition at here.

You can also download a hard copy to sign and get others to sign here.

Please do share the petition around your networks and on social media:

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