Protestors enter RAF Waddington 5th January 2015

Two men and two women cut a hole in the fence at RAF Waddington from where the armed Reaper drone is controlled and walked towards the Reaper Ground Control Stations.  They were arrested after about 20 minutes and detained in Lincoln police station while their homes were searched. They were later charged with criminal damage and aggravated trespass. There will be a brief court appearance on February 10th and a trial later in the year. Their bail conditions included not entering Lincolnshire and not going within 500 metres of any military base. The four, Chris Cole, Katharina Karcher, Gary Eagling and Penny Walker were protesting at the normalisation of drone warfare.Their full statement is here. For further details see


Elbit action at Barclays in Brighton 19th December

Today Smash EDO and Brighton Palestine Action blockaded Barclays Bank for an hour
before activists were removed. The action was part of a campaign aimed at forcing
the bank to have nothing to do with shares in Elbit Systems, Exelis (EDO MBM's 
parent company), BAE, Raytheon and other arms companies. It comes a month after a
nationwide day of action saw occupations of Barclays in cities across the UK

One person was arrested, who had glued himself to the front doors of the bank.
He was dressed as Santa wearing a placard which read 'Santa says you've been a
very naughty bank this year'.

Here's the initial press report from the Argus -
more pics at

Brazilian state cancels major deal with Elbit Systems in response to protests around the world

The Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul has cancelled a major collaboration deal
with Israeli military company Elbit Systems in the wake of protests over the firm’s
role in oppression of Palestinians. Brazilian social movements and trade unions
and Palestinian groups had called on authorities to cancel the deal over Elbit’s
role in the construction of Israel’s illegal apartheid Wall in the occupied West
Bank and its close relationship with the Israeli military.
Tarson Nuñéz, the coordinator of the international relations department of the
Rio Grande do Sul government described his government’s decision by saying:
“Our government has always given centrality to the promotion of peace and human 
rights and considers the demands of the social movements and important voice that
needs to be heard. Today’s announcement is a logical consequence of this.” 
Drones supplied by Elbit Systems were tested during Israel’s recent attack on Gaza
that killed more than 2,100 Palestinians, and Elbit’s share price has risen since
the massacre as investors anticipated a rise in orders oftechnology that was used
for the first time during the attacks. Rio Grande do Sul governor Tarso Genro had
signed a research cooperation deal making Elbit the first Israeli military company 
to lead Brazilian military projects in April 2013. Elbit was to be provided access
to public funding and technologies produced by four local universities. Ongoing
protests and lack of federal support had weakened the project. In his open letter, 
Genro declared the memorandum of understanding to be “void of meaning”. A $17m plan 
to build amilitary satellite is among the projects cancelled by Tuesday’s
announcement. The announcement has been welcomed as a major victory for the boycott, 
divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement,a Palestinian led campaign for the South 
Africa-style international isolation of Israel. Jamal Juma’, coordinator of the
Palestinian Stop the Wall campaign, a member of the BDS NationalCommittee coalition
of organisations that leads the BDS movement, said: 

“Elbit Systems has become a symbol of Israel’s construction of an apartheid wall in
occupied Palestine and its military aggression against our people. Israel is only 
able to sustain its human rights violations because of international collaboration
including through deals such as the one that the Rio Grande do Sul government has
now cancelled.” “In the wake of Israel’s massacre of Palestinians in Gaza, we hope
that other governments will take steps to end military cooperation with Israel.” 

Brazilian organisations including the CUT trade union federation, the World March 
of Women and local student groups and political parties had all pressured the Rio 
Grande do Sul authorities to cancel the deal with Elbit Systems and even blockaded 
entrances to premises owned by Elbit subsidiary AEL Sistemas. The Palestinian
embassyand the Palestinian Federation in Brazil have repeatedly intervened with
the government. The rector of the university leading aerospace research in the 
region had declared that the university would not work with Elbit Systems on any
research that could have military research,casting the viability of the 
memorandum of understanding into doubt. Antonio Lisboa, secretary of
international relations at the CUT trade union federation, said: 
“This welcome decision of the government of Rio Grande do Sul reflects the 
growing opposition to Israel’s apartheid policies. The Brazilian government
must now cut all military ties with Israel, a state that practices state 
terrorism against Palestinians.”

In 2009, the Norwegian state pension fund divested from Elbit Systems, and
more than a dozen institutional investors have since followed this example.
Elbit factories in the UK and Australia were occupied during Israel’s recent
Gaza massacre. Governments and local authorities are increasingly taking
action against corporate complicity with Israeli violations of international 
law. At least 17 EU governments have warned businesses about the risks of 
doing business in illegal Israeli settlements. French multinational Veolia
has lost more than $20bn in contracts with local authorities over its
provision of infrastructure services to illegal Israeli settlements. Rio 
Grande do Sul had already stated to play an important role regarding the
question of Palestine when in 2012 the World Social Forum Free Palestine 
was held in Porto Alegre. Mahmoud Nawajaa,the coordinator with the
Palestinian BDS National Committee, said: 
“This decision is an important example of how the grassroots organizing of
the BDS movement can influence and change government policy. Earlier this 
week, we met under the umbrella of the UN to discuss effective measures to
coordinate policies by local governments to exclude companies that help
Israel violate international law from public contracts”. Jamal Juma’ from 
Stop the Wall added: “Today’s decision gives hope to all Palestinians 
resisting Israel’s brutal apartheid system. We thank all those movements
and activists that have made this victory for Palestinian rights possible”. 

court news for protesters x 2



 2.Not Guilty Verdict for Barclays Newport Protesters Monday 17th November

Statement from the anti-Nato protestors who were charged during the occupation of Barclays Bank in Newport.
At the time of the Nato summit in September, we were among about 20 activists who occupied Barclays Bank in Newport to protest against the bank’s investment in Elbit Systems. We held up banners, chanted, sang and stuffed our ‘Boycott Barclays’ leaflets in between the mortgage application forms and cash slips. The bank was briefly closed for business. The police moved in and four of us refused to leave, which was apparently enough to charge us with a crime. But as we learned last week, it wasn’t enough for us to be convicted.

Last Monday, we walked free from court. For two of us, the case collapsed because the judge agreed we couldn’t have left without taking the desk to which we’d superglued ourselves. The other two members of the group told the court that being asked to leave did not amount to a police direction. The judge reluctantly agreed. He scolded the police and ruled that since we were not told but asked, there was no crime in refusing. We had occupied the bank to draw attention to Barclays’ links with Elbit and to put pressure on the bank itself, its customers and staff to break the link. Elbit is Israel’s largest military company, a leading drone provider and a major supplier to the IDF.Bar clays holds nearly $3 million of Elbit shares.

At the time of Israel’s onslaught on Gaza in the summer, Elbit’s drones and other military equipment were used extensively. The result was devastation, tens of thousands injured, traumatised, internally displaced, made homeless, and with livelihoods destroyed. More than 2,000 people lost their lives. Nearly 500 children were among them.Even  the normally cautious officials from the UN and other international organisations spoke of war crimes carried out by Israel. Can those that fund the companies which make and sell the weapons used to carry out the crimes disclaim responsibility for what will happen further down the line? We think they can’t, and we believe that Barclays’ customers would think they can’t. We know that Gazan students think they can’t: in October, they put out a call for fellow students around the world to take their money out of Barclays until it stops bankrolling Israel’s war crimes. Apparently, Barclays (officially) agrees that funding war crimes is an act with moral repercussions. It even has a policy
which says that it will only very carefully invest in the ‘defence’ industry, and only when it can be sure that what it funds will not be used by foreign authorities ‘either to oppress their own populations or to support unjustified external aggression’. With Elbit we can be quite sure that Barclays can’t be sure of this. But Barclays has a get-out clause. It claims to hold some shares in Elbit on behalf of customers and some to hedge exposure. So it buys the shares with one hand, as requested by its customers, and with the other, waves about the policy which says it cannot buy the shares.

So it’s OK, apparently, and fully in accordance with the policy, to pass on money in your own name and invest it in equipment which will then be ‘used by foreign authorities’ both to ‘oppress their own populations’ and to ‘support unjustified external aggression’. It’s OK, apparently, for Barclays Bank to make a profit from the act of sending money (on behalf of customers) to Elbit Systems, even if it knows that Elbit uses it to make more weapons to be sold on to the IDF, and the IDF deploys the weapons for its war crimes (and then buys more).


Breaking news – rooftop action at Thales in Glasgow

Hi everyone, 
Activists from Glasgow Palestine Action have today occupied the roof of an arms 
factory owned by Thales UK,an arms company that collaborates closely with Elbit 
Systems on the development and manufacture of drones.Thales and Elbit are
working together on the Watchkeeper project that is developing a drone for the UK
government based on the Hermes 450 drone that Israel has used during its attacks
on Gaza. I've just spoken to someone at the action who said that there are 4
people on the roof and 2 people blockading the entrance. Engineers are unable
to enter the site and the factory has been closed for the day! 
Follow @GlasgowBDS and 
and #StopArmingIsrael for updates and please help spread the word! 
thanks, michael

More on Israeli drones

The following information has been taken from Earth First Journal. see the full article here

As well as drone aircraft,  Israel military employs unmanned vehicles by air, land, water and subterranean tunnels. Yuval Azulai, a defense analyst at the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv predicted earlier this year that, by 2035, Israel will be able to “plan almost any military operation using autonomous unmanned devices; it will be possible to carry out most military operations using such devices; and unmanned devices will operate in swarms. In other words, hundreds of devices, of different kinds, will communicate with one another in real time, will react to the changing reality, and will attain the desired outcome on the battlefield, with no human presence on the scene.”  And while Israel is a leading producer, user and seller of military grade aerial drones here are a few of Israel’s deadly non-aerial robots currently in use:-


Guardium is an unmanned ground vehicle — placed in the field for the first time in 2009 — that drives itself up and down the Gaza and Lebanese borders.  Covered in armor and decked out with the latest suite of sensors and surveillance gear, it has replaced the presence of human soldiers walking the border beat.

Protector USV

A significant portion of Israel’s naval fleet is comprised of unmanned speed boats strapped with  weapons: .50 caliber machine gun, 7.62 mm machine gun, 40 mm grenade launcher.


An MTGR (Micro Tactical Ground Robot) is a creepy crawler. Israel’s 16 pound version is used as a kind of tunnel rat to enter the complex of tunnels Hamas and other Palestinian groups have created in, under and around the border with Israel. They have camera’s with 360 degree views, day and night capabilities, one or more robotic arms, GPS, a laser rangefinder to measure dimension, large batteries and decent speed capabilities. An MTGR can place explosives and remove booby traps.

Update on rooftop protest

The 9  protesters were eventually all taken down by the police on Wednesday evening after 2 days of media coverage alerting the public to fact that UAV engines make engines for drones, that they are a subsidiary of massive Israeli arms manufacturer Elbit Systems and that they are being used to kill people in Gaza. They had shut the factory for 2 days. The protesters had clear banners and made lots of statements about what they were doing and why. Elbit refused to comment. The protesters (from London Palestine Action) were charged with aggravated trespass. Their pre trial hearing is on Wednesday August 20th at 10am at Cannock Magistrates Court, Wolverhampton Road, Cannock, Staffs, WS11 1AT. Come along and support them outside the court from 9.30.

9 protesters on Elbit factory roof, Shenstone

From 5am this morning Tuesday 5th August 9 protesters have been on the roof of the Elbit factory in Shenstone near Lichfield which makes engines for drones including the Watchkeeper drone.

The activists from London Palestine Action chained the gates shut and are now occupying the roof.They have a huge banner ‘UK: Stop Arming Israel’ hung from the roof. Follow @londonpalestine and spread the word widely. Elbit is an Israeli arms company, one of the biggest manufacturers of drone engines in the world. Anyone who is local to the factory is encouraged to go down to support the action. The factory is UAV systems, at Shenstone, just outside Lichfield and north of Birmingham. there is a train station at Shenstone and its easy to get to from either Birmingham or Lichfield. The factory address is UAV ENGINES LTD, Lynn Lane, Shenstone, Lichfield, WS14 0DT, UK Police have
closed all entrances to the factory and fire service is currently trying
to gain access. go to Shenstone if you can to support the occupation of the factory. #stopelbit #stoparmingisrael

see pictures and local newspaper report here

Drones in Gaza

As we witness the relentless Israeli assault on Gaza, drones are increasingly mentioned as a major cause of fear,  death and destruction.  At Farnborough air show last week Israeli companies were there and although there is no evidence that Israel has directly exported any armed drones, Drone Wars UK found in their report ‘Israel and the Drone Wars’ that “about fifty countries out of the more than seventy known to have some form of military UAV capability have received drones or drone technology transfers from Israel. ”

See a longer post by Drone Wars about the Farnborough air show here.

June 21st – Faith Watch Waddington

Our monthly event outside RAF Waddington from where the armed Reaper drones are controlled was a faith watch in June. Unfortunately we weren’t able to connect through skype to the young Afghan peace volunteers as we had hoped – perhaps the electricity was down for them as it frequently is. However we had a drone song, a poem, a recital from the Koran, a Fransican blessing and a ‘fig tree’ exercise about why and how we can stop drones. There were 15 of us there. See coming events page for details of next month’s Drone Watch Waddington