About us

The Drone Campaign Network is a UK-based network of organisations working together to share information and coordinate collective action in relation to military drones. Membership of the network is by invitation but the network welcomes supporters, both individuals and organisations.

Email: dronecampaignnetwork@dronewars.net

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DroneCampaignNetwork

Monthly mailing list: dronecampaignnetwork.us2.list-manage.com/subscribe


Membership as of 2015:

Bristol Against Arms Trade ~Bro Emlyn for Peace and Justice ~ Campaign Against Arms Trade ~ Campaign Against American Bases ~ Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament ~ CND Cymru ~|Chid Victims of War ~ Conscience  ~ Corporate Watch ~ Coventry Deanery Justice and Peace Group ~ Coventry Peace House ~ Cymdeithas y Cymod ~ Drone Wars UK ~ Fellowship of Reconciliation, England ~ Hastings Against War ~ Leicester CND ~ London Catholic Worker ~ MedactNATOWatch ~ Pax Christi ~ Peace News ~ Porthmadoc FoR group ~ Quaker Peace and Social Witness ~ Queens anti-drones group at the Queens Foundation Birmingham ~ Scientists for Global Responsibility ~ Smashedo ~ SPEAK ~ Statewatch ~ Voices for Creative Non Violence UK ~ War on WantWar Resisters International ~  West Midlands Palestine Solidarity

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  1. How can we contact the campaign to discuss speakers?

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