Fly Kites Not Drones: 18 – 25 March 2018

The use of armed drones in Syria and Iraq is constantly in the news. This new  weapon is already leading us into a state of perpetual war, where sending in drones is seen as an easy option by the military, many politicians and often the public too without thought to the consequences. We are lulled into accepting the myth that no civilians are being killed.

The Persian New Year, March 21st, has become established as an excellent time to remember the millions of young people for whom the threat of drone strikes means an end to the simple pleasure of kite flying; a time when we can fly kites in solidarity with them. If you would like to make your own kites or run a workshop or simply find out more information see  (there is an excellent video in workshop 3).
Let us know of any kite flying events you are organising this year and we can include them in the next newsletter or on this page.

Resources for holding your own Fly Kites Not Drones event

Click on the links to download these resources:

  1. How to make a kite: PDF
  2. Template letter for sending to your MP: PDF to preview and Word document to edit
  3. Petition – “End the Secrecy around UK Drone Wars”: Word or PDF
  4. Questionnaire for engaging the public during events: Word or PDF
  5. Poster about the day, encouraging people to plan an event: download the PDF
  6. A flyer about Fly Kites Not Drones. For giving out at your event, or putting out somewhere for people to take away and plan their own event. Download the PDFs: Page 1 and Page 2
  7. Education resources: external website
  8. Our latest information briefing: Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Out of Control (or order a paper copy for £3.50 from dronecampaignnetwork[at]

Here’s a great 4 minute film from the Carmarthen Branch of Cymdeithas y Cymod
(click on the image to watch)

ADAR ANGAU CYC MASTER 2 from Lleucu Meinir on Vimeo.

Badges are now available – suggested donation £5 for 10. Email to order.

Order a Fly Kites Not Drones T-Shirt!
fly_kites_not_drones_tshirt_200Made from Fair Trade cotton, thee are gold on black (new design includes cross-hairs on the O in “drones” to clarify that it’s about armed drones). £12 each plus £2 p&. Available in 6 sizes (measurements are across chest):
xsmall (17inches/43cm)
small (18 inches/46cm
medium (20 inches/50cm)
large (21 inches/53cm)
xlarge (22.5 inches/157cm)
xxlarge (24.5 inches/62cm).

To order t-shirts, contact

Pictures from events in 2017:

FKND Hastings 18 march 2017 compressed


FKND waddington 2017 group compressed


leicester fknd 2017 close up compressed


Past FKND events in 2017:

Tuesday 7th March 2017 at 7.30 PM
Hastings Against War invites you to meet Maya Evans for an informal conversation on her recent visit to Afghanistan and to join in this UK and international campaign by making kites with messages of solidarity to those who experience armed drones in the undeclared war in their countries. Maya is the UK Co-ordinator for Voices for Creative Non-Violence which works in partnership with the Afghan Peace Volunteers.

Kite flying events in 2017 were held at:

  • RAF Waddington (Lincolnshire)
  • Hastings
  • Leicester
  • Bradford
  • Bournemouth
  • Bristol
  • London
  • Edinburgh

Resource from 2016: Fly Kites Not Drones briefing

Pictures from FKND 2016:

Waddington FKND 2016 gates

RAF Waddington 19th March

Leicester FKND 2016

Oxford 2






Edinburgh 2


Glasgow 2


Kabul 2





Leicester 20th March



Hastings 2


London 2

To add your event to the list, email

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